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The company's development goals: unity and hard work expand so long
With the layers under the leadership of the core leadership, senior leadership utterly devoted.

Company slogan: Tim ubiquitous source of logistics services
Under the guidance of the service system, and we all the time for the customer, so that customers can feel no matter where the location service and intimate care.

The company's operating philosophy: honesty and pragmatic high quality and efficient professional prosperous
"Honesty and pragmatic prosperous professional and efficient high quality and efficient" is the responsibility of the customer due to make customers aware that they are extremely important, our attitude all along stood for a customer-oriented stance, unexpected to the customer services, can guarantee to build brand-centric management philosophy

Enterprise spirit: realistic and innovative times
We advocate the ideological style, rewards innovation and technology and marketing strategies, keep up the pace, a pioneering spirit, courage.

The company's human resources philosophy: management of human co-existence of competition and incentives
"Love it, such as children, cherish life, such as" follow the Chinese Confucian culture, create a rich cultural atmosphere, while establishing a competitive mechanism of survival of the fittest, to ensure that the source of dynamic development of the Enterprise Update .