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Human Resources

1, The development of performance appraisal system and the effective implementation of the assessment, implementation of rewards and punishments system.

2, The development of corporate culture training program (monthly, annual), and related staff training, assessment.
3, To assist the relevant departments for recruitment, effective, timely additional personnel.
4, To provide clear, concise, easy access to human resources files .

Technology Services

1, Sample management and preparation, a model of the bonding, the confirmation process.
2, The model to provide bonding and enhance customer confidence in the visiting guests.
3, With a large portfolio of clients to do business sales visits, and enhance business competitiveness.
4, Customers and internal staff training and guidance.

Customer Service

1, Is responsible for processing customer orders and order review the organization and arrangements, reconciliation between the aggregate processing.

2, Responsible for state sales statistics and sorting the archive, follow-up of the sector turnover.

3, The development and archived quotations, product information, customer details to follow up the table, record customer feedback.

4, Quoting, follow up on customers, develop new customers .

Ministry messaging

1, The production model to follow up the table, archiving and easy to find, assist in sales orders for rapid processing business.

2, Telephone Yuefang at least 30 customers per week to establish contact and make e-500 details.

3, The company's Web site construction, network system maintenance, website promotion, product release information.